Horsens is an old Danish city that lies at the end of Horsens Fjord in eastern Jutland. In recent years, much effort has been made to expand and improve cultural events. Several internationally known music artists, such as Madonna, Iron Maiden, Elton John, Bob Dylan,David Bowie, José Carreras, R.E.M., Paul McCartney,The Rolling Stones, U2 and Snow Patrol have performed in Horsens.

Horsens also has its very own music and art festival, Stoneass Festival, which is held every August at the prison, Fængslet. Being a city that welcomes creativity it was no surprise they hired ArtRebels to gather a selected group of contemporary artists to take over the port and the city center with street art.

Seven international artists traveled to this small city in Jutland, Denmark to transform the public space into colourful murals. Artists include C215 (France), Andrea Wan (Hong Kong), Chifumi (France), Ilse Weisfelt and Joren Joshua(Dutch) and Scott Cooper (USA), a mix of graffiti artists and graphic illustrators.

Artist and illustrator Andrea Wan is currently living and working in Berlin, but was born in Hong Kong, raised in Vancouver BC, and studied illustration in Denmark. Wan’s work brings together an eclectic mix of imagery ranging from spooky ghosts riding enchanted horses to squirt gun wielding women. These curious depictions are all part of Wan’s fantastical folklore inspired world and have given her much notoriety around the world. The horse was apt to use on this occasion due to the name Horsens derives from the old Danish words hors (horse) and næs (headland).

Born and raised in the Rhine Valley (FR), Chifumi’s work is characterized by graphic murals often painted in abandoned spaces. We asked Chifumi about his pop art mural for Horsens …

“This is my biggest wall so far, I tried to design an artwork with the focus ‘dizziness.’ I like the metaphor of a couple in a falling position. It can be associated with my personal feeling with the Wall. I’m really attracted to paint bigger and bigger and at the same time I’m very afraid of that. In french we use the term “drag hands.” This painting is a literal adaptation.  I have a personal intention as an artist when I painted the wall, however,  I really like that people will have their own interpretation … this is very significant when you express yourself on the streets. ” Chifumi

C215 is the moniker of Christian Guémy, a French street artist from Paris. His Star Wars influence in Horsens may be due to the annual LegoLand Star Wars conference in Billund, Demark which is only forty five minute drive from the city of Horsens and was on during his stay, either way it looks like C215 enjoyed working with both Rebels! C215 stencils of Yoda and an Ewok certainly was a hit with the locals.

C215 also painted two more stencil murals in Horsens. One on the back of the theatre door and one tangled within the weeds.

IIse Welsfelt and Joren Joshua are partners in crime and in life. Two fresh young illustrators with a huge urge to create. These individual artists each have their own remarkable style, influenced by graffiti, printing techniques, (children’s) books and graphics from back in the day – resulting in lively and sparkly images. Their fun nautical mural works well next to the water at the Horsens port.

Scott Cooper Scott is an artist and currently is acting as art curator at ArtRebels. He is originally from the Silicon Valley in California, where he studied art at the University of Oregon. He lives and works now in Copenhagen where his painted work has been influenced by Danish culture and 20th century figurative painters. For the wall in Horsens Scott paints his tangled ladies.

ArtRebel Simon Caspersen headed the project with production help from Gry Stangegård Schneider. Photographer Henrik Haven covered the event and provided all these stunning images.



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