Public festival 2015, Perth Australia

The Public festival 2015 in Perth has begun and now the rainy days are behind them and the festival is now in full swing.

PUBLIC is the brainchild of FORM, a non-profit organisation dedicated to developing and supporting creative endeavours. FORM’s programs include artistic development and exhibitions with PUBLIC being an example of this on a grand scale. Not only do the artists have huge spaces on which to work, the whole process is open to view and their creations remain as an outdoor gallery. PUBLIC features a variety of free and ticked events, including tours, lectures, gallery openings and more.

PUBLIC 2015 features more than 50 local, national and international artists painting on 42 walls.

Check out the progress so far and check back to see whats happening…

GraffitiStreet was uber excited to see what the PUBLIC Festival had to offer this year and we were not left disappointed…. ticket to Perth please!




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