RAW Project Wynwood Miami 2014

It’s Art Basel Miami 2014 and the sunny streets of Wynwood are once again bustling with artists, musicians, bloggers, street art murals, galleries, and art enthusiasts from all over the world. Art Basel Miami attracts thousands of visitors every year to party, socialise and celebrate its love of the arts, so you can imagine its one hell of a party …but it seems not everybody has had an invitation.

Wynwood is in the midst of a gentrified renaissance but some of the neighbourhoods older institutions have been left behind.

Nestled in the NW corner of Wynwood stands Jose de Diego middle school. The school has over 600 students of ages 11-14 years old. The outside of the building is bland and white, a huge contrast to the colourful streets surrounding the school, but the cruel irony is that the school has no funding for art education.

Patrick Walsh, director of WADA (Wynwood arts district association) and Mr De los Rios of Wynwoodmap wanted to change this juxtaposition of inequality. They are the brains behind the RAW project (Re-imaging the Arts in Wynwood) which coincides with Art Basel Miami this year. The RAW project aims to bring colour and inspiration to Jose de Diego Middle School, and also launch an on-going $500,000 fundraising campaign to support the schools art department.

Street artists were invited from all over the globe to the school to do what they do best and transform the white washed walls with colour and inspiration for the students.

Some of the artists that were involved with the RAW project include Adnate, Li-Hill, Paola Delfin, Elle, MTO, James Bullough, Bikismo, Vexta, Hox, Pixelpancho, Anthony Lister, Ryca, D*Face, Axel Void, 2Alas, Jaz, Ahol, Dot Dot Dot, FinDac, Txemy, Evoca, Trek 6, Kazilla, Don Rimx, LezaOne, RekaOne , ABSTRK, Diana Contreras, Luis Berros, FL.Mingo, Shark Toof, Typoe, Santiago Rubino, Magnus Sodamin, MadSteez, AM, Pastel FD, Lebo, Tava, Derek Hunter, Makatron, Martin Whatson, Never2501 and Word to Mother.

The street artists have also donating original art work for an auction to help kick start the fundraising.

You too can make a difference and help support art education at the school by making a donation.

With more than twenty white walls waiting to be painted with art, the project is without any doubt to come back for a second year. So be sure to expect more from this exciting project in 2015.

Photos by @robertskran @wynwoodmap



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