RAW Street Art Project, Wynwood, Miami 2016

RAW project (Re-imaging the Arts in Wynwood) coincides with Art Basel Miami where every street in Wynwood is bustling with artists, musicians, bloggers, street art murals, galleries, and art enthusiasts from all over the world. Art Basel Miami attracts thousands of visitors every year to party, socialise and celebrate its love of the arts. With Wynwood being such creative neighbourhood it was ironic that the local schools did not have an art department or any art funding.

The RAW project began in 2014 to bring colour and inspiration to Wynwood’s Jose De Diego middle school’s bland white concrete walls. The school taught over 600 students of ages 11-14 years old, but lacked any art education… until the RAW Project stepped in! With the help of street artists the once bland walls were covered in murals, the project was such a success it encouraged school enrolment among the community. There was an increase in test scores, school pride, and a decrease in bullying and violence. RAW sent a shockwave of enthusiasm that proves art can influence a school for the better.

In 2016, RAW expanded their campaign to support the creation of arts programs at schools nationwide. During Art Basel 2016, Wynwood’s Eneida M. Hartner elementary school opened its doors for street artists to beautify its walls and encourage art education throughout the community. RAW teamed up with European art project Stick Together to help broaden an international team of talent.

Check out photos from this years project caught on camera by popular street art Curator and Photographer Iryna Kanishcheva

For years, the Wynwood neighbourhood in Miami has seen a renaissance in arts, culture, and development, and thanks to RAW this now infiltrates and benefits the local schools and communities.


Photo Credit Iryna Kanishcheva



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