Reskate’s Mural Celebrates the Tiroler Bracke and Sparks Reflection on Humans’ Treatment of Animals

In their latest mural titled “Domestication” for their Harreman project, the talented duo Reskate pays homage to the Tiroler Bracke, a breed of dog that originally hails from Austrian Tirol.

The Harreman project is all about illuminating public spaces with language and interactivity, and Reskate has used photo-luminescent paint to create a fascinating work of art that is open to multiple interpretations and encourages participation from viewers.

The Tiroler Bracke is a hunting dog that has been used by humans for centuries to hunt foxes, thanks to its natural predatory instinct and the ability to hunt alone. Reskate has taken this history of the breed and used it to inspire his mural, which features an image of a Tiroler Bracke in a sitting pose, ready to take orders. What’s more, Reskate has painted a battle between the dog and foxes inside the dog that only surfaces in the dark, thanks to the photo-luminescent paint.

The mural is not just a celebration of the Tiroler Bracke breed. It also serves as a powerful commentary on the complex relationship between humans and animals throughout history. Reskate’s work reminds us that humans have often used animals for their own profits, with little regard for the welfare of the animals themselves. The Tiroler Bracke is just one example of this phenomenon, and Reskate’s mural is a thought-provoking reminder of the need to treat animals with respect and kindness.

The mural can be found on the Wien Museum, Austria and was painted by Reskate, an artistic collective formed by Minuskula (María López – 1980) and Javier de Riba (1985), for the Calle Libre Festival 2019.

Image copyright: Reskate

Production: Calle Libre



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