Re:Think Street Art Festival, Sisak, Croatia 2016

Re:Think, street art festival in Sisak, Croatia has just wrapped up it’s first year. Curated by Alma Trauber and Dahna Prskalo Peco to Re:Definition and Re:Contexutalisation of the public space as an active social participant.

Re:Think was designed as a street art festival with the aim of creating a creative platform and a positive and interesting environment for artists to paint. Sisak is a specific post-industrial town where history has left the legacy of a complex archeological, architectural and artistic heritage – from Roman Empire to the 20th century.

The specificity of this festival in the context of Croatian street art scene is its starting point – the choice of the locations (walls) of the public space in Sisak, which have specific environmental, urban, social, historical and cultural contexts.

Therefore, the first edition of the festival has selected 10 locations for 10 artists: location within the residential area, location which includes a space that no longer has their original purpose (usually deserted premises), a location that has a specific socio-historical connotations (this year, the wall located near the former notorious WWII concentration camp for children was chosen for a Bambsy and Robin Abramovich collaboration project called “Escape to Neverland”)

Artists invited for Re:Think first edition include; Jana Danilović (Belgrade, Serbia), Tifani Rubi (Zagreb, Croatia), Lonac (Zagreb, Croatia), Lunar (Zagreb, Croatia), Auks (Osijek, Croatia), Azram (Ljubljana, Slovenia), Ljubomir Todorović (Tuzla, BiH), Mane Mei (Zagreb, Croatia), Robin Abramovich with a Bambsy project (Vienna- Mostar, BiH), and a graffitti writer from Sisak, Neman.

Photos courtesy of Re:Think Festival



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