‘Saving A Moment’ by Frode Skaren for Akershus Hospital Children’s Department, Oslo 2020

Artist Frode Skaren aka Uglylogo is best known for his charming characters and playful motifs and was the perfect choice for bringing some fun into Akershus Hospital Children’s Department in Lørenskog, Oslo.

Frode painted more than forty characters in the hospital rooms and corridors to engage and excite the hospital’s paediatric patients and dedicated staff.

Akershus Hospital Children’s Department cares for children from 0 to 18 years old. Children undergoing orthopaedic and surgical treatment, or oncology patients may stay in the ward for many weeks, and due to COVID-19 strict measures, it also means no visits by siblings or friends, hence the days can be long and lonely.

The idea behind the designs by father-of-three Skaren is that the character’s shape and colour capture the little one’s imagination, while the older patients and staff will enjoy their humour and expressions.

“Frode has created three characters that radiate energy, good humor and care for each other through working together to make things happen. His work definitely helps create a good atmosphere and is something that will be enjoyed for many years to come.” Else Andresen, Head of Department.

The three characters utilise the hospital walls and corridors as their play ground!!

“After being greeted at the entrance you pass through the double-doors with the characters and into their world, which is not scary but actually full of fun and playfulness. I chose universal shapes, such as squares, triangles and circles, which I hope will be timeless. The same characters are repeated, to create recognition in the little ones but I also added some hidden things that the older patients and the adult employees and visitors may also discover. ” Frode Skaren

Check out the cheeky shapes below …

“Pictures, colors and figures capture children’s attention and can make the environment a little less scary and recognizable. They can be distracted a little from pain and fear, and it also makes it easier to start communication with them when we look at the pictures together.” Else Andresen, Head of Department.

The playfulness of the characters certainly makes the hospital look more inviting to the young guests…

“We´re not saving lives with this project but as Frode puts it, perhaps we can save a moment. It’s been an incredibly gloomy year, and this winter will be especially tough for children who find themselves in hospital over the holiday. The least we can do is give patients and staff something to smile about. With so many practical hurdles posed by covid-19, it also became a personal mission to create a meaningful art project during the pandemic period.” Street Art Oslo curator James Finucane

Artist Frode Skaren used his years of experience to build a narrative that can be followed from the entrance through the corridors and into each individual room.

The project was made possible thanks to support from two local schools – Algarheim and Mailand – Oslo and Akershus Children’s Cancer Association and Lillestrøm bank. Following positive feedback, Street Art Oslo and Akershus Hospital are already in discussion about expanding the project in 2021.

Photo Credit Alex Asensi



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