Saype Takes Out the Trash, Lake Geneva Lausanne 2023

French-Swiss artist Saype paints massive landart installations, which are visually stunning and carry a powerful message of environmental responsibility. Saype’s artworks are made with eco-friendly materials centred around issues like water protection and solar power to inspire people to reflect on the importance of sustainable living.

One of his recent land art projects was painted next to the beautiful Lake Geneva and featured a discarded plastic bottle, which he transformed into a thought-provoking work of art. Saype’s art represents a fusion of creativity, environmental awareness, and social responsibility, making him a true visionary in the contemporary art scene.

What a pleasure it is to come and paint in such a beautiful place that holds so much meaning for me!


The artwork was created using natural pigments, charcoal, and chalk, and it took the form of a giant empty plastic drinks bottle that had been crumpled up and thrown onto the grass. On a closer look, you will notice that the black cap is lying on the other side of the pavement. The message conveyed through this artwork is powerful and aims to raise awareness about our behaviour towards waste and the importance of water protection. The artist’s creativity in using simple materials to create such a profound message is clever.

The new landart symbolises the ongoing issue of plastic waste and its impact on the environment. While the message conveyed by the artwork is powerful and thought-provoking, the previously pristine and picturesque landscape is now marred by the imposing presence of the artwork.

The once-uninterrupted view of the serene lake and surrounding mountains is now overshadowed by the sheer size of the piece, leaving a bittersweet impression on those who witness it.

Photo credit Saype



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