Saype’s ‘Beyond Walls’ Project Comes to Turkey to Support Earthquake Relief Efforts, 2023

The talented artist renowned for his unique street and land art approach, Saype (Say Peace), has arrived in Hatay, Turkey. He is there to draw attention to the region as part of the ‘Beyond Walls’ global art project he initiated in 2019. Read more here.

The remarkable ‘Beyond Walls’ project seeks to promote kindness and unity by painting the most extensive human chain globally, serving as a powerful symbol of mutual aid, solidarity, and shared effort beyond walls. The project showcases pairs of hands that interconnect and travel from one town to another, forming an immense chain on the ground. Created on grass and soil using an environmentally friendly paint that primarily consists of chalk and charcoal

Saype has returned to Turkey, this time to the city of Antakya, to restore hope to the region following the catastrophic earthquake that struck in February 2023, taking the lives of over 50,000 people.

Saype’s mission during this project stage is to remind the world of the importance of standing in solidarity with the people of this region. The project has garnered significant media attention, and Saype’s work will help generate funds to support those affected by the disaster.

The support of the French and Swiss Embassies in Ankara, the Swiss Consulate General in Istanbul, and the Institut français de Turquie helped make this project a reality.

Photo Credit Saype



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