SCREENS2STREETS Public Arts Competiton Launched to Celebrate Climate Week, New York 2020

GreenPoint Innovations (GPI), in collaboration with The Climate Group’s Climate Week NYC and the United Nations SDG Action Campaign, today announced the launch of GreenPoint EARTH: Screens2Streets competition aka GPE2020: S2S.

The GPE2020:S2S competition is aimed for artists to raise awareness about climate-related issues and inspire the world to rebuild environmentally smarter and healthier communities.

There are two entry levels. One entry is the 10 ‘Screens’ Awardees for works around 10 climate themes and one entry for muralists known as ‘Streets’.


“We are committed to creating unique opportunities that will uplift and showcase artists’ work that inspires everyone, regardless of creed or demographic, to take climate action while at the same time igniting meaningful dialogue and awareness around environmental justice issues impacting our communities.” Stephen Donofrio Founder of GreenPoint Innovations and Curator of GPE2020:S2S

The ten Climate Week themes are Clean Energy Transition, Transport and Infrastructure, Industry and Built  Environment, Finance, Investment and Jobs, Food and Land Use, Nature and Science, US and International Policy, Youth, Public Mobilization and Justice, Sustainable Travel and Tourism, Climate Impacts and Adaptation.

The winners will be unveiled during Climate Week NYC September 21st-27th and be showcased in a series of digital exhibitions and across all partner social media channels. Winners will also receive a $500 cash prize.  The deadline to apply for the GreenPoint “Screens” Prize is September 13, 2020, at 11:59 pm EST.


One mural artist will win a $2,500 cash prize to paint a new street art mural in NYC connected to the “Nature & Science” theme to be unveiled during Climate Week NYC 2020.

The mural will be produced by GreenPoint Innovations / GreenPoint EARTH, in collaboration with community-based organization Newtown Creek Alliance. The funding is being provided in part by New York State Pollution Prevention Institute, with materials being provided by Materials for the Arts.

GreenPoint will document the entire street art process to be shared across all partner social media channels, and for the creation of a short film. Proposals will be accepted until August 31, 2020, at 9 am EST. All submissions and proposals should inspire communities to take action on climate change and sustainability issues.

“This is a really exciting and innovative project that will inspire more people to engage in climate action on a global scale. Climate Week NYC is proud to support Greenpoint Innovations and looks forward to providing a platform that will showcase the diverse range of creativity and personality that New York is famous for. As the city prepares to host the biggest climate event of 2020, GreenPoint Earth: 2020 Screens2Streets will reinforce how art and storytelling can be a powerful tool in educating, inspiring, and sharing our vision for a more sustainable future.” Adam Lake, Head of Climate Week NYC at the Climate Group

Artists over the age of 18 are encouraged to submit their work for consideration here .



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