Sea Walls: Murals for Oceans Street Art Festival, Bali 2018

PangeaSeed Foundation, the international marine conservation organisation, in collaboration with TROPICA Bali Street Art Festival, hosted the street art festival Sea Walls: Murals for Oceans in Bali, Southeast Asia. The festival ran from 10th -17th September 2018, to create a series of public artworks addressing marine environmental topics relevant to the local community and environment.

A team of 19 international and local artists and change makers were invited to the island of Nusa Penida, off the coast of Bali, Indonesia, to create a series of public artworks for  Sea Walls Bali: “Protect What You Love –Protect Your Island”.

The artists invited were 1UP Crew(Germany), Anneke Fitrianti(Indonesia) Beastman(Australia), Case Maclaim(Germany), Cinzah(New Zealand), Cracked Ink(New Zealand), Egg Fiasco(Philippines), Emily Ding(USA), FROSK(Australia), Hua Tunan(China), Katun(Malaysia), Kidney(Indonesia), Marissa Quinn(USA),Midas(Indonesia), Quint(Indonesia), Slinat(Indonesia), The Popo(Indonesia), Yoshi Yanagita(Japan)and Zabou(France).

The initiative’s goal was to catalyse positive change for our oceans both within the local community as well as visitors to the Coral Triangle, one of Earth’s most biodiverse regions. The large-scale artworks created by the invited artists act as educational tools and conversation starters throughout the project and beyond, igniting a sense of care and stewardship for the sustainability of their natural resources within the local community.

With help from local stakeholders like the Ministry of Conservation(KKP), Coral Guardian and Trash Heroes Penida, Sea Walls Bali has identified a series of pertinent issues the project will shine a spotlight on including overfishing, plastic pollution, the loss of ocean-based cultural traditions (e.g.,seaweed farming), the conservation of key ocean species (sharks, manta rays, mola mola, dolphins, sea turtles, etc.) and climate change.

The project was made possible by the generous support of local partners as well as PADI, Volcom Indonesia, Traveloka, NipponPaint, Dolphin Project,Alliance Française Bali, Montana Cans, ALL CAPS STORE and Coral Guardian.

Check out their recap video by Yoshi Travel with additional footage from Jess T. Johnston & Martin Colognoli …


Photo credit Tré Packard / @pangeaseed




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