Seth Globepainter Unveils Mural at Nicklaus Children’s hospital, Miami 2018

Nicklaus Children’s Hospital Foundation, along with donors Goldman Global Arts and Jessica Goldman Srebnick, unveiled a five-story mural painted at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital by world-renowned French street artist, Seth Globepainter.

The mural took ten days to paint and shows two children swinging playfully on a colourful tree. One of the children leaves his wheelchair on the ground, as they play on the tree swing, perhaps symbolising that they are children first, with their illness second. The young girl holds a watering can and pours a rainbow of water onto the tree, as if to nurture it and keep it in good strength.

The mural was inspired by the determination and drive of the patients at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital. A full view of the mural is visible from twenty rooms, allowing patients to look out at colourful mural in order to boost their spirits and accelerate healing.

“Seth’s masterpiece, will allow patients and their families an opportunity to enjoy a relaxing and uplifting environment without having to go far from the world-class care we provide.” Michael A. Mowatt, Executive Director of Philanthropy at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital Foundation.

“We are really excited with the outcome of the mural, and we knew Seth would be the perfect artist for this project. My husband, my children and I are thrilled to have been able to contribute a small piece of positivity to Nicklaus Children’s Hospital and its families.” Jessica Goldman Srebnick

The unveiling concluded with Seth and Carlie Frullo, mother of one of the patients in the cardiac intensive care unit, painting a colourful raindrop together.

“I’d like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all for inviting me to complete this project. I was very happy to be at this hospital for 10 days and getting to see how it works. I hope you all enjoy it [the mural].” Seth Globepainter.

Photo Credit Goldman Global Arts




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