Sinnlichkeit, Magdeburg. Germany 2015

On 6th of June the art festival “Sinnlichkeit” opened in the former Jail in Magdeburg. Sinnlichkeit is one of Germany’s biggest art-festivals in 2015.  More than two thousand visitors entered into the jail for the opening. Over 200 exhibitors show their works in over 250 cells inside the jail houses and outside on walls.

Artists invited to the festival include Anders Reventlov Larsen from Denmark, Vilx from France, Aris and Giorgio Bartocci from Italy, NAR and N_Grams from Greece, Deyaa from Saudi-Arabia, Artourette, Stefan Schleupner, Johannes Mundinger and Sophia Hirsch from Germany.

All invited Artists were asked to release temporary works on walls for Sinnlichkeit. Large sized paste-ups and installations been the main focus for Anti-murals. No work is painted directly on the wall. After the ending of the show all works will be uninstalled or destroyed. That’s why the project is called Anti-murals.

For Anti-murals Aris released a large-sized cut-out paste-up – sized 10m x 10m. For the first time the Italian artist chooses a cutter instead of a brush. Here is work in progress…

Italian street artist Giorgio Bartocci installed 15 huge cardboard panels.

N_Grams from Greece installed different sized wood pieces. The extremely detailed work took 2 weeks of work and goes around the corner.

Here are some more teasers from the event Sinnlichkeit. Check back at a later date to see how the prison festival ends. The sentence runs until  20th of September and relax none of the artists got life… these are anti-murals and only temporary. Phew!

Images courtesy of Jens Besser, artist and curator of the prison project.



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