Six Street Art Murals to Advocate for “Zero Hunger” (SDG2), USA 2021

Street Art for Mankind SAM is joining forces with World Food Program USA, and Kellogg Company, in support of the mission of the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP), 2020 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate to create a series of six murals around the United States dedicated to “Zero Hunger,” the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 2 (SDG2).

The first mural, created in February by a duo of street artists, Axel Void and Reginald O’Neal, is located on the back of the mythical Orpheum Theater in New Orleans, Louisiana. The large mural was created during Black History month, drawing attention to the significant impact food injustice has had on the African-American community.

The second mural created by Artist Dragon76 in March is on the Hampton Inn by Hilton’s 5-story, the 250-foot wall is now the largest mural of the city.

The third mural created by Victor Ash, in nine days in April is in Oakland, on the Marriott’s massive 21-story wall is now the city’s tallest mural. The mural is titled ‘The Child’ and uses the San Francisco Bay’s Area sunset of the left of the building.

The fourth mural created by Carlos Alberto GH in October in Detroit, on the 19-story wall of the James Murphy Hall of Justice, is the biggest 3-D mural of the USA. Entitled, “Spreading the seeds for a more equal future,” will be a vivid reminder of the need to “plant the seeds for an equal and just world”. 

Additional Zero Hunger murals will be created in Washington DC and Battle Creek.

The mural series is a continuity of the “Zero Hunger” mural created in New York for the United Nation’s 75th anniversary. Visitors to the murals can use Street Art for Mankind’s free “Behind the Wall” app to scan or photograph the mural, instantly accessing more details about the mural, the hunger crisis, and how to take action globally and locally. You can access the app on Android and IOS.

Photo credit Street art Mankind



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