Søren Solkær SURFACE – photo exhibition in Øksnehallen, Copenhagen

The internationally renowned Danish photographer Søren Solkærs ‘Surface’ world tour culminates with a large-scale exhibition in Øksnehallen and new murals in the streets of Copenhagen. The exhibition in Copenhagen is the largest on the world tour and will showcase 122 portraits of some of the most significant street artists on the contemporary scene as well as the pioneering icons. The portraits will be hung in a network of “streets” – inspired by the grid of Manhattan and resembling walls of an imaginary city.

During the past twenty years Søren Solkær has photographed leading personalities within the world of music, film and art including: Paul McCartney, Michael Douglas, U2, Samuel L. Jackson, Amy Winehouse among many others.

Since 2012 he has travelled the world portraying some of the most prominent street artists in Berlin, London, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Las Vegas, Stavanger, Athens, Sydney, Melbourne and Copenhagen. Street art is one of the most powerful and prevalent art movements of our time.

Surface has been created in Søren’s signature style drawing influence from cinema and painting. His use of artificial lighting on location and a strong element of storytelling, creates images with an atmosphere of hyperrealism – a sort of imaginary film stills. Each artist is portrayed with their own art work, often using masks or props to obscure the identity of the artists.

Surface culminates in Copenhagen with a large-scale exhibition covering 3.500 square meter in Øksnehallen and will present 122 portraits in a large formats of 220 x 330 cm each. A cinema is integrated in the exhibition-architecture, with daily screenings of historical and new films about some of the portrayed artists as well as screenings of the Danish documentary ‘A picture of Søren Solkær’, which describes the creation of Surface.

“With practically unlimited space it has been possible to blow the prints up to more than 2×3 meters and create streets of the walls I have photographed inhabited by some of the greatest talent out there as well as numerous legendary artists.” Søren Solkær

During the weeks leading up to the opening six international and highly esteemed artists have been invited to create large-scale murals in the area of Vesterbro, housing Øksnehallen. The artists are: Conor Harrington (UK), ROA (Belgium), Borondo (Spain), DALeast (China), Maya Hayuk(US) and HuskMitNavn (DK).

Check out the exhibition at Øksnehallen in photos below (installation shots by Søren Solkær and opening photos by DAS BURO).


The SURFACE event has definitely taken over Copenhagen this summer. Watch the video that captures the action that took place when six world class artists created six large murals as well as the set-up and opening of Søren Solkær’s large-scale Surface exhibition at Øksnehallen below…



“After 4 great gallery shows around the globe the full blown SURFACE exhibition version at Øksnehallen in Copenhagen is a dream come true.”  Søren Solkær

GraffitiStreet thinks ‘Surface” looks pretty special too! If you’re in Copenhagen make sure you check it out!

Exhibition period: June 13 – July 29, 2015
Opening hours: Daily 11:00-18:00 CET / Wednesday 11:00-21:00 CET





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