SOY RAÍZ Art Intervention by Boa Mistura, Quito 2022

“SOY RAÍZ/ I AM ROOT” is an intervention by Boa Mistura that spans more than 1000 m2 at the top of the historic Cima de la Libertad, Quito, Ecuador. In 1822, this hill was the scene of the Battle of Pichincha, which culminated in the city’s liberation, establishing the seed of the country’s independence.

Today, 200 years later, the Cima de la Libertad is one of the communities most marginalised from the social dynamics of the rest of the city.

For two months, the project has had the participation of more than 85 local residents for the conceptualisation and choice of the proposal. More than 250 people from all over the city during execution, including colleges and universities from other areas, broke down that invisible barrier and built a bridge through an art piece.

Symbolically, the work and its participatory process represent the root of a new beginning for the Cima de la Libertad. It is a unique meeting point based not on confrontation but on cooperation, solidarity and what unites us.

“Soy Raíz” is part of the “Caminarte” urban intervention project, which seeks to give a voice to the country’s intangible cultural heritage through local and international artists’ interventions in the public space. The project has the support of the Embassy of Spain, Quito Patrimony, Iberia, Pintuco and Unir.

Boa Mistura are a disciplinary team with roots in graffiti born in Madrid, 2001. Their work is mainly developed in public spaces. They understand their work as a tool to transform the city and create links between people. They feel a responsibility towards the city and the time in which we live.

Photo Credit Boa Mistura



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