Space Invaders at the Louvre: A Rebellious Art Exhibition by French Artist Invader

In 1998, art enthusiasts witnessed a truly rebellious event that shook the Louvre Museum! Invader, with the help of a skilled photographer, managed to showcase ten of his space invader artworks at the world-renowned Museum.

“Some of them remained several years in place while others were discovered and removed rapidly but, during a recent visit to the museum, I noticed that a few tiles were still in place.” Invader

This daring invasion cemented Invader’s reputation as a true hacker and earned him the rare distinction of being the sole living artist to exhibit his works at the prestigious and iconic institution.

Born in 1969, Invader is a renowned French street artist whose style of mosaic art has garnered a global following. Drawing inspiration from the iconic 1978 Atari game, Space Invaders, Invader’s creations feature the beloved pixelated characters from the game along with other 8-bit video game characters like Pac-Man ghosts.

Since 1998, Invader has been leaving his mark on the streets of Paris with his mosaics. Over the years, his art has become a fixture in cities around the world, including Hong Kong, Berlin, Tokyo, and London. Invader’s signature style has contributed to the urban landscape of these cities, adding a touch of nostalgia and humor to their streets.

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Image copyright Invader / LPPI



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