Spidertag’s Interactive Neon Mural #16: A Vibrant Addition to Downtown Bentonville’s Art Scene, Arkansas

There is a vibrant new addition to Downtown Bentonville’s art scene – an incredible permanent neon maze known as Interactive Neon Mural #16. Spanning over 4,700 square feet, this impressive artwork is the creation of artist Spidertag and his creative innovation.

The Interactive Neon Mural #16 is a dynamic and interactive piece that attracts the viewer with its boldly coloured patterns and shapes. What sets this mural apart is the opportunity for the audience to actively participate in the experience by changing the light hues and flashing patterns, truly engaging with the artwork in a unique and exciting way.

Image Copyright Justkids

The project was brought to life through the dedicated efforts of the team at Justkids for OZ Art, who oversaw every aspect of the curation and production process. Their hard work and technical knowledge are evident in the seamless execution of this massive undertaking, from the logistics to the intricate electronic elements that enable viewer interaction.

Image Copyright Justkids

For Spidertag, contributing to the art scene in Bentonville was a deeply rewarding experience. The artist’s vision of creating art that is accessible and engaging for everyone shines through in this monumental piece.

“Creating art that is accessible to everyone is something truly rewarding for me, which is why INM#16 was designed to generate a unique experience for the viewer.”


With the completion of Interactive Neon Mural #16, Downtown Bentonville has added another jewel to its cultural crown.

Image Copyright Justkids

This stunning neon mural by Spidertag enhances the city’s night-time landscape and is a neon beacon of creativity for lucky locals and visitors to the area.

Image copyright Justkids



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