Stencil Artist Nils Westergard Says it with Flowers, 2018

Over the centuries, artists have captured the rich symbolism of flowers, From Van Gogh, telling his brother Theo “the sunflower is mine.”, to the technicolour, pop flowers of Andy Warhol and Takashi Murakami. Flowers grow within the urban art scene and this year stencil artist Nils Westergard incorporated the flower into his latest murals.

Nils took a trip to Los Angeles  and painted a beautiful woman with pink tulips in her hair. This mural can be found at The Container Yard.

Nils painted the same lady in Waynesboro, Virginia. This time with a larger bouquet of flowers in her hair for the Virginia Street Arts Festival.

The girl with roses in her hair is one of Nils friend’s daughter, they live in Amsterdam, however the piece is in Wevelgem, Belgium and was done through The Crystal Ship.

The young lady with cherry blossoms can be found in Washington, DC…

The next mural can be found in Greensboro, North Carolina and sits next to artist Bust’s mural. The mural is based on a photograph by VisualNarrator, a RVA based photographer.



Photo Credit Nils Westergard



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