Stenograpffia Street Art Festival Deletes Reality, Yekaterinburg, Russia 2017

Stenograpffia Street Art Festival in Yekaterinburg, Russia is in full swing and we’ve just been sent pictures of their latest installation “Cutting Out Snowfalls”. As part of the festival the local artists are tidying up the neighbourhood … the Photoshop way.

They explain that every other Russian yard has a car that has long been forgotten by its owners. Rusty and mangled, it survives season after season, never leaving its place, being buried by snowfalls. There are dozens of these “garbage” objects abandoned by its owners in every city. Inevitably, they pollute the space: obstructing the walkways, encroaching upon the scant parking places and intruding into the urban visual environment as dubious urban landscape “decorations”.

The project was created by Stenograffia team: Alexei Kolokolov, Taisiya Spirina, Maxim Parfyonov, Aleksandr Galeshnikov, Dmitry Chabanov and Konstantin Rakhmanov and decided to address this problem by “cutting out” an old Moskvitch car parked in one of Yekaterinburg yards.

They based their work on a well-known layer transparency visualization technique in Photoshop image editor. Which they painted onto the white cover.

The project creators found a Moskvitch, whose owner they were able to contact, and “deleted” the car and the adjacent makeshift metal garage (rakushka) from the urban environment. The visual layer is assembled from a single point, turning three-dimensional objects into a flat layer of transparency.

“This object will not remain here for long; with its owner’s consent, we are going to recycle it later, doing what should be done with every such object at the end of its life”.

The artists are planning to “cut out” several other objects polluting the urban landscape. Today they are searching for decrepit kiosks, rusty dumpsters and similar objects.

This art object was created as part of Stenograffia Festival organized in Yekaterinburg with the support of city Administration and “Home towns” social investment program offered by Gazprom Neft Company.



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