STIK Designs New Currency To Help Hackney Homeless

Much loved Stik is an active contributor to his local community of Hackney, in which he once lived homeless. Stik doesn’t forget the kindness and support of his local community through his hard times. He has raised a considerable amount of money, fifty thousand pounds, for his local Homerton NHS hospital, (more here), whom he says helped in when he was homeless and sadly a target for attacks. He has also been standing on the front line supporting the Junior Doctors as they strike over poor contracts, supporting them now they are vulnerable (more here).

Now Stik is involved with designing and introducing a new type of currency to help Hackneys homeless. The currency is based on people’s time and is the idea of Spice, a social enterprise that has developed a time based currency called ‘Time Credits’. For every hour you volunteer within your local community you can earn one note. The credit can then be spent on community, cultural and leisure activities in their area and at over 700 venues nationally.

“Everyone wakes up with the same amount of time, no matter what your background, skills or experience. So why not build an economy where time is shared and exchanged to develop your community? Here at Spice, we believe everyone’s time is valuable, and we want to harness people’s experience and skills to shape their own community. The impact on individuals who for the first time can give something back is profound.” Becky Booth, CEO of Spice

The time credits have been introduced to residents of  St Mungo’s hostel in Hackney, who provide a bed and support to more than 2,500 people a night, Stik once being one of those people in his younger years.

“I am honoured that the residents of St Mungo’s have elected to feature my artwork on the new Time Credit Note. I lived in the Mare Street hostel a few years ago. They understood that street art was an important part of my recovery and didn’t ask too many questions when I came back at night covered head to toe in paint” Stik

Residents can earn the Time Credit currency by volunteering for activities like cooking, tidying communal areas and writing for the website. The currency gives people the opportunity to become active citizens within their community, a sense of belonging and regained confidence.

” Being connected to your local community is a vital step when moving on from homelessness. That’s why we’re excited to see projects like the City and Hackney Time Credit Note launching and the residents in our Mare Street hostel have already taken to the project with a visibly determined enthusiasm.” David Fisher, Executive Director of Services at St Mungo’s

The central image of the new currency ‘ The City and Hackney Time Credit note’ has been designed by Stik… a photo of his much-loved Hackney piece in which his Stik figures can be seen embracing.

 “The hugging image used on the note represents time spent with loved ones in times of struggle” Stik

STIK’s figures have become iconic of this British street artist’s work. The simple lines and shapes that he creates bring an emotional depth. His work can be seen on the streets of London and globally.

The project is funded by City and Hackney CCG with the aim of helping people affected by homelessness develop better health and quality of life.

Want to get involved…

  • Follow Spice on Twitter and Facebook to keep up to date with news on City and Hackney Time Credits
  • Find out how to become a spend partner by contacting Sami Brar, Partnerships Manager for London & the South East, or 07429 257 581.




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