Stik Sculpture Fetches a Staggering £150,000 at Christies Auction for Theatre Charity, 2018

An artwork by STIK has been sold for £150,000 ($197,000) at Christies Auction after nearly a decade nailed to a brick wall in London’s East-End. The 236cm (8ft) wooden sculpture titled ‘Up On The Roof’ was originally put up by the artist in 2010 whilst working with theatre group ‘Cardboard Citizens‘ who work exclusively with people affected by homelessness. Read more here.

STIK, who only authenticates the sale of public artworks when it directly benefits the community, oversaw the removal and restoration of this rare artwork to fund future projects by the ground-breaking theatre company.

“Cardboard Citizens gave me support and encouragement when I needed it and I know this money will be well spent helping many others who are in need of a little help to realise their dreams.” STIK

“So wonderful that all these years after we first met Stik on a project, the piece he made for us then ends up enabling us to do lots more projects like that. Just brilliant (like the artist). We are so grateful.” Adrian Jackson, CEO/Artistic Director, Cardboard Citizens

“It’s really important we have access to the arts. It allows us to challenge the status quo, stand up to authority and it’s important for just being a human being. If you cut the arts you cut a portion of humanity. This funding will allow us to continue the important work we are doing.” Brendan, a young member of Cardboard Citizens

A massive shout out to generous STIK who once again uses his art as a gain for others less fortunate than him. Thats why we all love this guy.


Photo credit STIK



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