STIK ‘Sleeping Baby’ Fundraiser Homerton Hospital

Stik is londons most treasured street artist. From living on the cold streets, Stik found comfort and then fame, with his street art work, painting his Stik figures on the streets of london. Stik started off in Hackney wick and made his way to the street art mecca of Shoreditch. These stik figures are simple, only six lines, a circle and two dots for eyes, yet these figures convey many emotions and feelings. Check out his largest mural to date ‘Big Mother’. Story behind this can be found here.

His artwork has taken him over to New York City, where he held a solo show and Tokyo and can even be found on the walls of Bono and Elton John. Stik has utilised his increasing popularity to raise money, and awareness, for many charities often helping homelessness in the City.

However, Stik hasn’t forgotten his hardship days before he made it big, and has decided to raise money for Homerton Hospital. This was a place where Staff offered kindness and care to Stik when he was homeless and often became the cruel punch bag of idiotic thugs.

He painted his iconic mural sleeping baby, which can be found in the grounds of Homerton Hospital as a sign of the NHS Hospitals vulnerability.

With NHS (National Health Service) cuts across the country and the private sector being allowed to undercut the NHS services, his mural sleeping baby, now shows the Hospital as a vulnerable baby.

The Health and Social Care Act which was introduced by the Conservative and Liberal Democrats government, has paved the way for private companies to tender for health services in direct competition with the NHS.

“I believe in the hospital and I believe in keeping it public and not selling it off,” Stik

The arts funding for rehabilitation and dementia patients has been hit so Stik decided to raise some money for this worthy course and unloaded 100 prints of sleeping baby, four colour ways of twenty-five each costing five hundred pounds each. Stiks aim is to raise an impressive £50,000 for the NHS hospital which he credits with saving his life.

Fans queued from 5am on 4th September at Homerton Hospital, and as expected this was a sell out. Stik, even stayed to sign autographs for fans in the queue who were not lucky enough to get one.

All proceeds will benefit Homerton Hospital’s unique and innovative art programme which began almost thirty years ago. The Trust now offers long stay patients with acquired and traumatic brain injuries the chance to explore interactive art workshops as part of their rehabilitation and recovery. Funds will actively enable the Trust to develop and expand an arts workshop service for the Elderly Care Unit specially formulated for people with dementia. Of course with the NHS cuts these are the first services to go and Stik has managed to save the service.

“We have been left holding the baby and we are going to protect it” Stik

Congratulations to Stik and the staff at Homerton Hospital for the substantial amount of money raised £50,000, and hats off for the selfless act by Stik who contributed 100% of the money to the Hospital that as he says it, saved his life.



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