Stolen £300,000 Stik Sculptures Returned to the Community Garden, London 2019

Hackney based artist STIK donated three large artworks on the opening of the Dalston Eastern Curve Garden in Hackney ten years ago. Sadly the three artworks were stolen last November in a coordinated night-time raid, only weeks after a similar sculpture raised £150,000 in a charity sale at Christie’s.

Dalston Eastern Curve Garden is a vitally needed public green space in the heart of one of the most built-up areas of London. It is a free-to-enter neighbourhood garden that is open seven days a week, twelve months a year, providing an oasis of plants, connection to nature in the city and a community gathering place for the people of this dynamic part of Hackney.

The three sculptures stolen from Curve Garden were valued at over £300,000 and listed on the Art Loss Register. They remained missing until June this year when a concerned art collector returned the artworks, of which two out the three were badly damaged during the thief.

“We were devastated when the sculptures were stolen, they have been with us since the beginning and we are overjoyed to have them back” Marie Murray, co-director of the Curve Garden.

STIK’s artworks have seen an exponential increase in market value over the years, and with that there has been a growing trend of theft of Stik’s street pieces.


Photo Cred Stik



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