Sandra Chevrier – La Cage A La Toute Derniere Seconde


Medium: 24 Colour Screen Print On 330 gsm Somerset Paper

Edition: 125

Size: 76 x 76cm / 29 9/10 x 29 9/10 in.

Description: Signed & Numbered by The Artist.

Year: 2017

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Sandra Chevrier’s artwork, Marilyn Monroe’s “La Cage A La Toute Derniere Seconde / La Cage A La Toute Derniere Seconde” portrait, is a powerful representation of the human experience.
Sandra Chevrier explores the contrasts between strength and vulnerability, freedom and captivity, and poison and cure. Sandra’s work is a commentary on the societal restrictions that prevent women from fully experiencing life. The fusion of comic book iconography and the underlying tragedies of oppressed female identity in Sandra’s portraits creates a hauntingly beautiful representation of the human struggle.
Each Marilyn Monroe portrait is meticulously crafted, showcasing the limitations that distort women’s beauty and narrow their identities. The images reflect the conflicts, victories, and defeats of Marilyn Monroe’s life.
Sandra Chevrier’s work highlights superheroes’ fragility, struggles, weaknesses, and humanity within the superhuman. Like Marilyn Monroe, they are playful yet vulnerable. Her unique style challenges us all to examine and break free from our own cages, revealing the humanity within the superhuman.

Sandra Chevrier’s art has been exhibited internationally, and her pieces are collected by art enthusiasts worldwide.

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Both “La Cage et tout ce que je suis” and “La Cage à la toute dernière seconde” are based on 2016 original acrylic and collage on canvas tondos with a 3ft-radius.