Sandra Chevrier – La Cage Du Corps Jusqu’à L’Âme P/P


Medium: Giclée C-Print on Moab 300 gr. paper

Edition: Printers Proof

Size: 87 × 66 cm / 34.25 × 26 in

Description: Signed & numbered .

Year: 2016

Sold Out


Sandra Chevrier – La Cage Du Corps Jusqu’à L’Âme / The Cage From the Body to the Soul

Sandra Chevrier’s Cages series explores the complexities of the human experience, delving into the dichotomies between power and fragility, freedom and captivity, poison and cure. Her work reflects on the societal cages that restrict women, preventing them from experiencing life to the fullest.

Sandra Chevrier’s portraits are a fusion of comic book iconography and the underlying tragedies of oppressed female identity, creating a hauntingly beautiful representation of the human struggle. Each portrait is carefully crafted with the utmost attention to detail, showcasing the social limitations that corrupt the beauty of women, locking them into narrow identities.

Her images range from scenes of conflict, triumph, and defeat, each one telling a unique story of the struggle for freedom and self-discovery. Through her masterful portraiture, Sandra Chevrier highlights the fragility of superheroes, their struggles, weaknesses, and the humanity within the superhuman. Her art is a dance between reality and imagination, truth and deception. Despite the fanciful playfulness of the superhero, they are also vulnerable.

Sandra’s work reveals the humanity within the superhuman, and her unique style challenges us all to examine and break free from our own cages.

Her art has been exhibited internationally, and her pieces are collected by art enthusiasts worldwide.