Street Art Duo PichiAvo Paint the Greek Goddess Athena on a 125m2 wall, Barcelona 2019

Street art duo PichiAvo have just completed their first mural in Barcelona painting the Greek Goddess Athena on a 125m2 wall at the Livensa Living Diagonal Alto student residence, in Esplugues de Llobregat. The project was curated by Rebobinart for Temprano Capital Partners.

The artistic duo designed a mural that shows a very particular version of Pallas Athena’s sculpture in the Austrian Parliament, in Vienna. The mural aims to enhance those attributes embodied under her name to throw a unifying message in support of the women empowerment as producers of knowledge, fighters, intelligent, emancipated and, above all, free.

The representation of Athena in several European Parliaments also depicts the protection of citizens and territories, here PichiAvo frames the goddess’ figure as the protector and guardian of the city of Esplugues de Llobregat and, more explicitly, of the students who will inhabit Livensa Living Diagonal Alto Barcelona.

In this mural, the artists have showed again their incomparable style in deconstructing the purest classic art iconography through the incorporation of urban expressions. Despite not being a contemporary figure, Athena has become a key figure in the collective imaginary of our civilisation. Being a representative character of diverse feminist schools of thought, this goddess represents the warrior, protector, wise and independent woman. Rebobinart

Through this intervention in Livensa Living Diagonal Alto, PichiAvo confirms again that the beauty of classical art it’s not their central focus but to disaggregate those symbols through a contemporary and transgressive aesthetic in order to construct new conceptual lectures and communicate fundamental values and concepts within our society.

Photo Credit Fer Alcalá




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