Street Art Duo PichiAvo’s Mural, Charlottesville, Virginia USA

The developers of 5th Street Station invited us and the internationally renowned Spanish-based artist duo PichiAvo to paint a large mural close to their new food hall ‘The Yard’ in Charlottesville.

5th Street Station is comprised of 470,000 square feet of shopping and restaurants. The new food hall will boast a 10,000-square-foot space dedicated to a mixed-use open space with five to six restaurants. It will also have fire pits, outdoor and indoor seating, string lights and plenty of gathering spaces to meet for a drink, eat lunch or dinner and hang out in an atmosphere with lots of character.

“We expect their mural to match the energetic and eclectic vibe we are trying to create at The Yard and know their artwork will be a great addition to the location.” Jeff Garrison – 5th Street Station Ventures

The mural needed to be as big as the complex so PichiAvo painted a mural, measuring 45 feet wide and 34 feet high. They began on Friday October 27 and continued through to November 7th.

Pichiavo’s vision behind their latest mural ‘Rivanna River by Poseidon’ is the local River Rivanna. The mythological character Poseidon, combined with horses reflect the sheer force of the river.

In addition to this they have taken inspiration from the University of Virginia and its primary colour palette which features orange and blue as their predominant colours.

“It has been an absolute pleasure being invited to Charlottesville, a place where we felt at home, and we would like to thank all the people we have met on the journey for their kindness and support.” Pichiavo

“We have thoroughly enjoyed curating this project for 5th Street Station, and witnessing the mural come to fruition. We are, as always, super impressed with the artistic talents of Pichi and Avo. The huge size and strong composition of this mural not only reflects the sheer force of the River Rivanna, but also the huge complex of 5th Street Station. Once again PichiAvo deliver an extraordinary masterpiece, this time for the people of Charlottesville to enjoy in their new yard” Rosh Boroumand – co-Founder