Street Art Fest Grenoble – Alpes Returns for its 9th Edition, 2023

The biggest street art festival in Europe is back for more than a full month of creations, exhibitions, visits, meetings, conferences, workshops, unveilings, innovations, screenings, concerts and other activitieS! The Spacejunk Grenoble association has just announced the 9th edition of the Street Art Fest Grenoble – Alpes, which will take place from May 26 to July 02, 2023.

The Street Art Fest Grenoble – Alpes is jammed packed thanks to its artistic program, expect monumental frescoes – traditional graffiti – exhibitions – collages – stencils – urban sculptures – installations – photographs – digital street art – street art runs – conferences…

“For this ninth edition, the Street Art Fest Grenoble-Alpes is back in full swing! The COVID pandemic is behind us, and the projects to succeed in the forefront… In this period of social struggle, some artists will have, perhaps, the desire and the courage to express themselves in their own name or as a spokesman for certain ideas. Others will choose softness, appeasement, gentleness or beauty, all subjects not to be forgotten, in order to survive thanks to a balance to be rediscovered… In any case, the festival will give them a field free of any censorship and will affirm, once more I hope, the liberty of creation and diffusion of art.”

Jerome Catz

With street art as the heart of Street Art Fest Grenoble – Alpes, they boast more than 395 murals! This year there are nine participating towns: Grenoble, Saint Martin d’Hères, Seyssinet, Meylan, Pont de Claix, Champ-sur-Drac, Fontaine, Vizille and Saint Mar tin Le Vinoux. Thirty five new murals will be painted as they welcome thirty artists; Jan is The Man, Mr. June, Stel, Deih, Collectif Contratak, Danay, Mots, and Erre. Ink4art, Evok & Dof, Asaz One, Zane Prater, Lonac, and Spear will set up in St. Martin d’Heres, while Pont De Claix will inspire Braga Last1, Asaz One & Tawos, and Stamatis Laskos. Stom500, Mural Studio, and Mr. June & Juin are stationed in Meylan, while Fontaine will house PF Juin. Manolo Mesa, Diego Vallejo Garcia, Digital Does, and Veks Van Hillik are sketching in Seyssinet-ParissetSt. Martin Le Vinoux is reserved for Hoxxon and Vizille for Elisa Capdevila. Daniel Mac Lloyd will make an appearance both in Meylan and Cham-sur-Drac, where Temponok will join him.

An official launch of the 9th edition will take place on June 2 at 6:30 p.m. at the Old Museum of Painting in Grenoble.

Check out their website for more information in the upcoming days…



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