Street Artist Bisser’s solo show ‘Leive’ tells the story of Leuven, Belgium 2017

Belgium based street artist Bisser has just wrapped up his solo show in Leuven. Photographer and street art enthusiast Paul Burgoine visited the city of Leuven to check it out …

I was fortunate enough to visit Leuven artist Bisser’s self organised expo ‘Leive’, a show consisting of six pieces of exquisite work and a giant mural in the garden. All the exhibits have a story to tell about Leuven and a couple with a twist on the Leuven dialect.

The sculpture Fons Sapientiae – “the source of wisdom” – is the work of sculptor Jef Claerhout. Fonsie is shown with a book in one hand and a glass in the other, the contents of which – some say it’s wisdom, some say it’s beer – he pours onto his head, at the time academics didn’t like the idea of beer being poured into the students head and settled for the wisdom option.

Bisser has gone back to the beer option with his paper masche sculpture!

Fiere Margriet, is a story of folk law, the teenage maid was attacked by thieves who tried to rape her, she fought back but they cut her throat and threw her in the river Dijle, the legend says she was carried by fish against the current, a moment of serenity as described by a monk. Bisser has replaced the fish with litter thrown into the Dijle particularly the bikes that are thrown in by the thousands of students that inhabit the city.

Stadhuis, the Town Hall is an absolutely huge canvas that is still in progress but it is outstanding and hopefully will takes its place in the city for all to see, it needs to be appreciated by all.

The star is a twist on the word ‘Stella’ as in ‘Stella Artois’ who have their home in Leuven.

Funny enough the next piece represents the city’s love for beer, they even have their own beer ‘Cara pils’ which I was informed is “cheaper than water.”

The beautiful blue painting is simple a twist on the name of a street… ‘Street in a Blue Hole’.

Another treat was the sketch books, there was so much it will need to be in a separate blog post but here are just a few.

The huge mural in the gallery garden shows a prostitute in the window and the ‘Birdmen’, the street was once part of the red light district.

From the flyer & poster, which are also excellent, to the massive mural all the pieces are very personal to the artist and the city of Leuven, all created by a very talented and modest artist.

Photo/Word credit Paul Burgoine



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