Street Artist Elian paints for Mural Social Club Festival, Kiev, Ukraine 2016

Argentinean artist Elian Chali, aka Elian was invited to paint in Kiev, Ukraine for the Mural Social Club street art festival, organized by NGO Sky Art Foundation and Dmytro Palienko, curated by Oleg Sosnov and Julia Ostrovska.

The festival line-up includes Li-Hill, Rodrigo Branco, Fintan Magee, Borondo, Fikos Antonios, Millo, Agostino Iacurci and others. Ukrainian street artists such as Aec Interesni Kazki, Roman Minin, Sergey Radkevich and Sasha Korban will also participate part in the project. Some have already finished painting and we’ve covered them here.

Elian was made known by his abstract style and graphic design applied that leaves no one indifferent. Using vibrant colours and a rich mix of shapes, patterns and varied inclinations, he makes sure to make its consistent work with its environment. Elian is committed to recreate the spirit of the neighbourhood in which he exposes himself to even his work. Architecture, climate, social policies are only some factors that inspire Elian to create his pieces with the help of geometry and abstraction.

Elian, decorated Kiev’s secondary school #219 with his mural. The art piece named “Slight Presence of Transparency“ is situated on Obolonskiy Avenue, 2-B.

“Unlike my recent work, I haven’t used transparency effect of the primary colors for this piece, only a slight presence in grey. My search is developed on the behaviour of pure colours and overlapping. The white background is almost non-existent, the wall is saturated with figures that respond to a central point. None basic geometric element is present, but the hardness of the transverse lines give a sense of geometry. This piece establishes the debate about the importance of empty spaces (air) in a composition” Elian

The main theme of his works is the city. With more than 10 collective shows and 3 solo exhibitions, his artworks can be found in many countries such as Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Canada, United States, France, England, Italy, Mexico, Poland, Peru, Dominican Republic, Russia and Uruguay. We love them…

Check back at a later date for more murals from the Mural Social Club Festival…



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