Street artist Ernesto Maranje brings his colourful animals to Jordan, 2016

Awareness and Prevention Through Art (aptART) is a non-governmental, not for profit organisation set up to promote awareness and prevention of issues affecting children’s lives. AptART is an organisation of artists, activists and educators engaging vulnerable children in art. Through workshops and murals youth are empowered with an outlet to express themselves, build awareness and promote prevention about issues affecting their lives..

Street artist Ernesto Maranje was invited by aptART to work together on their latest projects ‘Diversity is Beautiful’ and ‘Animals’.

The first project ‘Diversity is Beautiful’, in Karak, asked the Syrian and Jordanian children what represents the region. Responses ranged from camels, flags and olives to different textiles and kafiyas.

Ernesto Maranje‬ took from their responses and created the idea of a giant camel emerging from a bio diverse background of colours, flowers and foliage. Upon the camels back are vibrant textiles with olive branches symbolizing peace.

During workshops about identity and what makes us individuals, Syrian and Jordanian children developed words and images that represent them. They then added theses ideas inside the leaves and swirls they painted the previous day, with the guidance of Suhaib Attar. Each part of the painting is different but when unified they create a vibrant piece of community art for all to enjoy.

‪‎Ernesto Maranje‬ and the team go to Ajloun for the next project ‘Animals’. Animals and the environment are often neglected when resources are scarce, yet they are an integral part of being human.

During workshops with children in the community center were asked what their favourite animals are. The responses ranged from lions, tigers and wolves to eagles and parrots. ‪

Ernesto Maragnje‬ painted a vibrant parrot and the children painted colourful leaves and feathers.

Inside the leaves children spray painted the names of their favorite animals. The painting is a lively invitation for the whole neighborhood to enjoy the shared community space and appreciate animals.

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Images courtesy of aptART.



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