Street artist Giulio Vesprini visits Italy’s Prison Camps and paints symbolic flowers

Street artist Giulio Vesprini has been visiting World War Prison camps in Italy. Giulio works on wall are characterised by two aspects; geometric and abstract shapes, and botanical elements. The first aspect comes from his graphics and architectural schooling. The second aspect, nature, represents for Giulio the revenge on humans… nature recovers what was once hers.

His first wall “Cerchio (Circe) G021” was painted in Fermo, Italy for the “Prison Camp PG 70” Oltre Conceria Project. This new project promoted by the housing association “Casa Comune” aims to recover the old abandoned industry site and make it become a multipurpose center for the cultural and social needs of the local community. For the mural Giulio paints a poppy.

“The poppy assumes a definite role, in fact it’s the symbol of the day of memory. Symbol of the two wars, it brings the entire responsibility to remember those moments, but it is also sign of rebirth. The poppy that was born whereas the bodies fell for freedom….”  Giulio Vesprini

His next wall “Cerchio G022” was painted in Servigliano, Italy for “Prison Camp PG 59” Campo Pittura Generativa 59 Street Art Project. The Prison Camp PG 59 is a new project promoted by the Casa della Memoria (House of memory) association and Municipal of Servigliano Italy. Today “Prison Camp PG-59”, thanks to an urban art project and through the expressive power of the murals, takes on new meaning: The Generative Field Painting 59.

For the mural in “Prison Camp 59” the flowers assumes an important role of remembrance and the title “Post Fata Resurgo” represents the rebirth of a sad and dark space.

Photos courtesy of  Giulio Vesprini.
Photo credit for Prison Camp 59 work in progress shots Giulio Garavaglia



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