Street artist JDL mural for the LGBT movement, Rome 2020

Street artist JDL aka Judith de Leeuw has collaborated with Yourban2030 Outside in for the LGBT+ movement in Rome. Supported by Kingdom of the Netherlands, Circolo Mario Mieli and Vladimir luxuria.

The mural depicts a woman looking into a frame, like a mirror, seeing her reflection as a man. It is designed to create emotional understanding in the process of acceptance in the LGBT+ movement and their surrounding.

This mural is made out of mixed materials, where the last layer of eco-paint paint, airlite, that manage to neutralize the smog produced by 53 cars, for over 10 years, and reflect 90 % of the solar radiation. Environmental protection comes through art!

The mural is dedicated in memoriam of Karl Du Pigné, activist and a true leader in the LGBT+ movement in Rome.



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