Street Artist Joachim brings his Graffiti POP Cats to the Streets of Chichester, England 2017

We last saw Joachim and his feline friends in his home town of Lier, where he created two cat murals, one amongst the rooftops, in harmony with this free spirited feline. The second incorporating a playful aspect with a ball of wool!

Now Joachim has brought his graffiti pop style to the streets of Chichester next to the JPS ‘Big Deal’.

Chichester already known for its street art scene has now a lucky black cat in addition to artists such as Stik, Thierry Noir, JPS, Phlegm, Run, Nunca and fellow Belgian artist Roa, just to name a few.

Joachim latest mural ‘King of Cats’ stands proud behind SuperDrug. The cat standing around 18ft is a real show stopper.

The Belgian artist was overwhelmed with Chichester’s community spirit, and even got help from the local graff crew …

Photo Credit Graffitistreet




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