Street Artist Joachim brings his Graffiti POP Cats to the Streets of Chichester, England 2017

Joachim’s love for feline-inspired art was last spotted in his hometown of Lier, where he created two captivating cat murals. The first mural, which depicts a free-spirited feline amidst the rooftops, blends perfectly with its surroundings. The second mural incorporates a playful element, featuring a mischievous cat playing with a ball of wool. Both murals showcase Joachim’s creativity and attention to detail in bringing these lovable creatures to life on the walls of his hometown.

Now, Joachim has travelled to the vibrant and eclectic streets of Chichester, where the city has gained a new addition in the form of Joachim’s eye-catching graffiti pop style. The artist’s bold design stands out against the city’s walls, drawing the eye and captivating passersby. With its intricate details and striking imagery, Joachim’s work adds a new layer of depth and beauty to Chichester’s already thriving urban art scene.

Chichester has become renowned for its thriving street art scene, with a diverse range of talented artists contributing to the city’s vibrant urban culture. The latest addition to this impressive roster is a magnificent black cat mural, which stands out as a striking and memorable work of art. The mural joins the likes of acclaimed artists such as Stik, Thierry Noir, Hunto, Phlegm, Run, Nunca and Roa, who have all left their mark on the city’s walls with their unique and captivating creations. Each artist brings their own distinct style and perspective to Chichester’s streets, making it a truly remarkable destination for urban art enthusiasts.

Joachim’s newest mural, ‘King of Cats’, is a magnificent sight. Standing tall at approximately 18ft behind Superdrug and towards the famous Pallant House Gallery, the majestic feline is a true showstopper and a remarkable addition to the area’s urban art scene.

The community spirit of Chichester left a lasting impression on the Belgian artist who received a helping hand from the local graff crew.

Joachim’s ‘Queen of Cats’ mural has quickly become a beloved and iconic addition to the vibrant urban art scene of Chichester. The striking and intricate details of the mural bring the majestic feline to life, capturing the hearts and imaginations of locals and visitors alike. With its bold graffiti pop design, the mural is a fitting tribute to Chichester’s thriving street art scene and a must-see for anyone visiting the city.

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