Street artist Kenor orchestrates a new mural in Jacksonville, Florida 2016

Art (Re) Public Jacksonville, founded and curated by Jessica Santiago in conjunction with Iryna Kanishcheva, has invited international renowned street artists; Case Maclaim, James Reka, INO, Waone of Interesni Kazki, Kenor, CYRCLE, René Romero Schuler, Astrograff, Nico Holderbaum, Phlegm, Borondo and more. The expo from 11-13 November 2016 brings thirteen walls for the 2016 mural collection with artists concentrating on Jacksonville’s well-preserved architecture.

Street artist Kenor brings his distinctive style to Jacksonville, he uses bright striking colours with angular geometric patterns all painted in a coherent and harmonic order. Kenor attributes the style of his work to the influence of his beloved techno music, and more specifically Detroit techno music! There is never a foreseen composition, Kenor lets the music guide him, each line forms a sound and each sound produces a colour.

His mural “Detroit Moves” indicates how he painted the mural and how he interprets the artwork. In this case, Detroit’s techno music is present, its abstract and futuristic rhythm is perceived in a composition exclusively made with straight lines. Every beat seems to correspond to a gesture, a colour. The lines intersect and overlap each other. Just as the beat forms the color of the song, the set of lines and colours form the rhythm of the artwork. When a melody, or a change of pace, is associated with each set of lines and colours, it is possible for Kenor’s work to transmit its full potential. It aims to encourage the viewer to feel part of a sound fragment.

Photo credit Iryna Kanishcheva.



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