Street Artist Malarky returns to Ibiza streets after a decade to celebrate BLOOP in his fun style, 2023

BLOOP International Proactive Art Festival returns to the beautiful island of Ibiza for another year of art creation. Its thirteen consecutive years of the festival have brought a collection of over sixty magnificent murals and installations called the OpenAir.Gallery during this time.

The festival’s theme is “BELIEVE” due to the climate crisis, international conflicts and countless uncertainties engulfing our daily lives. Both of Malarky’s creations write words and messages of belief.

This year, the project is in collaboration with Spanish electric company Endesa. This new and exciting partnership gives a fresh facelift to the mundane electrical transformation centres scattered across Ibiza as artists get to play with their new canvases.

Fun-loving Malarky returned to the streets of Ibiza after a decade, with his last mural painted in 2013. The Barcelona-based English artist painted two electrical transformation centres with his positive signature style, fun doodle-inspired characters, crazy patterns and bright colours full of life.

These new murals will be added to BLOOP Festival’s official app, which not only provides festival info and the latest news but also harnesses augmented reality (AR) technologies, allowing the visitors to catch and collect all the murals and installations of BLOOP’s OpenAir.Gallery. This year, AR artworks have been added that can be visualised exclusively via the APP (Download for ANDRIOD / APPLE).

Photo Credit BLOOP



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