Street Artist Marat Morik goes Back to School! Ukraine, 2017

Back to School Ukraine is curated by French artist Julien Malland aka Seth Globepainter and Oleg Sosnov, Mural Social Club, with the support of UNICEF Ukraine and Sky Art Foundation. The project is dedicated to the mural art in schools, kindergartens and other locations, related with children or education, in socially vulnerable zones.

Russian street artist Marat Morik painted the latest mural ‘Growing Up’ on one of the walls of 7th corps of Kiev Polytechnic Institute (KPI). The main hero of this mural became an academician Sergiy Korolyov, a Ukrainian scientist.

Their was a lot of consideration by all parties about what the mural should be about. The first thought was an attempt to dream up about technologies of the Future, but Marat Morik declined this idea, because in our time, today’s future very quickly becomes tomorrow’s past. The mural would age very quickly and this was not the vision Marat wanted.

It was therefore decided to paint the achievements of the human race, from the invention of the wheel to the first Earth Satellite. All these things became the heroes of Marat’s art work. These objects are from recent past, but today they show to us both sequence and transience of technology development.

These advances in technologies, for the time being!!, cannot happen without human intervention. Humanity, especially without physiological changing over the centuries, can crucially change the World. That’s why the main hero of this art work became Sergiy Korolyov, a Ukrainian scientist who studied at KPI. Both aspects of the mural are seen growing up.

“There are the first and the modern satellites on the mural, wheels and a lot of other important inventions of humanity. They are, as a kit, collected in a single unit – visualization of development and growing up of technologies” Marat Morik

Other murals for ‘Back to School, Ukraine’ have been painted by French artist Seth Globepainter entitled “Popasna’s swing” ,Italian street artist Millo entitled “Power of Imagination” and Franco Fasoli, aka JAZ.





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