Street Artist Millo’s painting about a Revolution, St Petersburg, Russia 2017

Italian artist Francesco Giorgino, known as Millo, paints large-scale murals that features either a single or a couple caught in-between a simple black and white urban setting. Millo’s murals represent each and every one of us and cleverly portrays many of life’s scenes and dreams within his art.

Millo’s latest wall “Rivoluzione/Revolution” is in St Petersburg, Russia’s second-largest city after Moscow. Millo painted this mural for the “Brighter Days Are Coming” exhibition, curated by Street Art Museum and Urban Nation.

“In Italian the word ”Rivoluzione/Revolution” has two main meanings, the first is strictly connected to a sudden, complete or marked change in something, and the second is connected to the orbiting of one body around another. I focused myself on this second meaning trying to represent it as a series of circles that passes literally through the character. Each planet follows its orbit and all of them are the personification of the revolutions lived by the main figure.” Millo

Now for the science … a revolution is the movement of an object around an axis of rotation, or a centre, or another object. An orbit is essentially the motion of an object (be it a planet, a moon, a spacecraft) around a star, moon, or planet. So the earth revolves around the sun, but the earth is also in orbit around the sun. Very cosmic!

As with Millo’s painting they always represent a deeper message, and for this mural Millo wants us to find strength …

“The message I want give is to find your personal revolution. When something is getting over is the exact moment to find the strength to revolution.” Millo

Check out the finished mural below …

Photo Credit Millo



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