Street Artist Oniro’s Mural Encourages Self Cultivation, Cassino 2021

Italian street artist Oniro spent four days painting in the city of Cassino (Fr), Italy, for Ammuri Liberi street art festival and Street Art For Rights.

The 9x14m mural is titled “Coltivazione del Sé/ Cultivation of Self” and depicts the outline of a man holding on to a potted plant, the plant grows and takes on the shape of the man … its inner world.

The mural pays focus on the importance of caring for yourself on a psychophysical level and consequently on the surrounding environment.

Self-cultivation encourages us to grow within ourselves and develop our mind or capacities through our efforts, each with their uniqueness, indispensable to the social ecosystem’s wealth.

′′ Cultivation of Self ′′ Who are we? Who are we deep inside? In the invisible plots of our essence, there is a stirring need to manifest our Uniqueness. I dream of a reality where everyone can feel FREE TO BECOME SELF by finding their role in the world, cultivating their attitudes and diversity, indispensable to the wealth of the social ecosystem. Oniro

“Coltivazione del Sé” is painted behind the municipal building, a degraded area in the town centre, along with murals by Marcello Russo, Solo & Diamond, Physical Engine, for Ammuri Liberi street art festival second edition. 

Photo credit Oniro



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