Street Artist Pastel Paints Finnish Flowers in Karakallio, Finland 2018

Initiative Karakallio Creative, curated by Upeart enlivens the Karakallio suburb, in the city of Espoo, with art and events, aimed to increase the vitality of the area and arouse a positive interest in public art. Karakallio is a beautiful residential area surrounded by nature, with 5500 inhabitants.

There have been two art works in Karakallio so far. The first mural was by Teemu Mäenpää in autumn 2017. Mäenpää Teemu painted an elderly couple who had been the first residents of the building where the mural was to be painted. The mural signified lasting love.

Pastel was invited to paint in his signature plant pattern in Karakallio in May 2018.

As always Pastel familiarised himself with the local surroundings and chose the plants from Finnish nature. His mural is entitled ‘No east no west’ and includes plants such as the Carduus, Honeysuckles and Plantains.

The mellow artwork blends into the natural surroundings of Karakallio and enriches the area’s urban landscape.

Check back for the next art initiative by Initiative Karakallio Creative soon …




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