Street Artist Pat Perry Paints Flags of Peace, Iraq 2018

AptART (Awareness & Prevention Through Art) is a non-governmental, not for profit organisation set up to promote awareness and prevention of issues affecting children’s lives. AptART are back again with another worthy street art project called “City of Poets” in Sulaymaniyah Iraq, 2018.

AptART invited Michigan street artist Pat Perry to paint in his illustrative style. Pat Perry writes and paints through careful and cautious observation of his surroundings.

With the help of some new friends from Syrian refugee and Kurdish communities Pat Perry paints a beautiful mural of a girl and man surrounded by flags of peace.

“In the midst of the first parliamentary elections since the defeat of ISIS, with tangled up political flags strewn across the streets and power lines, youth in Sulaymaniyah helped us craft a message that lifts up the city’s notorious history as the region’s centre of protest, of poets, and the outcry of human voices, despite intervals of violent persecution.” Pat Perry

“With a little help from Pat Perry Art kids from both Syrian refugee and Kurdish communities painted flags across the wall with their own expressions of peace and tolerance, in hopes of making a permanent public reminder that all voices and opinions are worthy of consideration with adequate and thoughtful regard.” Pat Perry

The project was implemented in collaboration with UNHCR.

Photo credit AptART



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