Street Artist STIK Paints new Mural on Avenue of the Immigrants, New York City 2017

East London based street artist Stik is back in the Big Apple to grace the streets with another huge Stik mural.

The new Stik mural, can be found on the corner of Allen St. and Delancey, New York. Since 2004, Allen street was co-named as “Avenue of the Immigrants” and the area used to be a big immigrant enclave, but now its gentrified with trendy shops, hipsters and galleries.

As part of Stik’s visit there will also be an exhibition at Fat Free Art which includes working drawings and art works related to the 7 floor mural, which are definitely worth checking out if you’re in the area.

Stik enjoyed the sunshine in New York and completed his mural in 5 days.

Check out the completed Stik mural below …

Photo Credit by our buddy @just_a_spectator



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