Street Artist Zoerism Paints a Playful Mural for Festiwall, Ragusa, Sicily 2017

FestiWall is currently hosting their third street art festival in Ragusa, Sicily. Five large murals are to be painted by five international street artists including GUE (IT), Marat Morik (RU), Guido Van Helten (AU), Sebas Velasco (SPA), Zoerism (FRA), adding to the ten murals painted in previous years. FestiWall aims to activate urban regeneration with positive awareness.

For the 2017 Edition FestiWall focused on the depopulation of the historic centre of the city of Ragusa and its repercussions on the urban area. The permanent murals will trigger a process of urban regeneration, giving to the citizens the opportunity to create a bond with the place where they live in.

French artist Zoerism painted a toy car on a former gas station. Zoerism draws his art from his early days. As child, he spent time watching scrap yards, drew traffic-jam scenes and took passion for destroyed items, changing objects.

“In this former gas station I wanted to make something connected to the site . The wall is in the middle of four street crossing and so I decided to paint a car that goes out from the traffic jam. If you look twice you realize that the car has no engine, it is a toy, this links the image to a surreal world, related to childhood.” Zoerism

“The rest of the mural is a hommage to the old advertising campaign, with old school typography and styles”. Zoerism

“The wall is visible from different perspectives, from very far and from the bridge, which is why I chose this design in the same perspective of the road but slightly moved to another direction”. Zoerism

“Color is also used by looking for a bond with natural light that helps make the subject realistic and at the same time surreal”. Zoerism

Photo Credit Marcello Bocchieri



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