Street Artists announced for Parees Fest 2021, Spain

Parees Fest is back for 2021 and has invited four artists to paint murals from Monday 13th to Sunday 19th September. Artists will be working with Raposu Roxu, a local art collective to join the artists with the local community and absorb the importance of context and local history in Oviedo.

Organised by the Municipal Foundation of Culture of Oviedo, Parees Fest currently has more than 25 murals by renowned artists in Oviedo, but also in towns such as Tudela Veguín, Trubia or Olloniego.

Artists announced include

Alba Fabre Sacristan (Barcelona, Spain)

Catalan, art teacher in Barcelona, painter and muralist, she creates works of classical inspiration. She is interested in the analysis of the language and concepts of classical art, reproduced in a usually figurative painting, where strength and colour are often the centres of attention. In her paintings, you can also see influences from photography and sculpture. It is for all this that Alba tries to have her murals represented as if they were
paintings. Her mural in Oviedo will be dedicated to winter masquerades, and cultural associations that preserve them in Asturias will participate and support the creative process.

Emily Eldridge (USA)

American resident in Berlin, she has also worked in Spain, Hong Kong and Japan, among other countries. She is a multidisciplinary artist who explores her creativity both in murals and in illustration, graphic design or experimental installations, and more disciplines. In Oviedo, she will paint a mural dedicated to the footpath of Santiago de Compostela (one of the most important religious pilgrimages in Europe), at a point on the route
that has yet to be closed.

Foni Ardao (Gijon, Spain)

Foni Ardao (1972) is a technical architect from the University of Alicante. Pioneer of skateboarding in the 80s in Asturias, his early artistic vocation and self-taught development for drawing and painting have always accompanied him. His graphic work includes paintings, murals, installations, posters, printing on all
kinds of media and editorial illustration, with a naive point that uses iconographic elements of nature, childhood or music. His incorporation into the festival continues the list of Asturian artists invited each year, in this case, with a work dedicated to a literary theme related to Oviedo, like the murals dedicated to Clarín or Dolores Medio in previous editions.

Luogo Comune (Bologna, Italy)

Italian illustrator and muralist, he has worked in his country and in Poland, Austria, England, Spain, Greece and Morocco. In Oviedo, he will create a mural whose theme will be decided by a coordinated campaign by the Department of Citizen Participation from the question “What do you think is special about the city of Oviedo?”, launched on social networks of the city and the festival. The neighbours’ responses will be channelled through the email and will later be classified so that the artist receives them and thus chooses the content of the mural.

The 5th Edition of Parees Fest will take place in Oviedo between 13-17 September 2021. Parees Fest successfully continued during the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 but restrictions are still in place for the 5th edition. To find out more about the festival check out their website or Instagram page.



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