‘Subvertisers International’ Anti-Advertising Movement goes Global, March 2017

A global network of anti-advertising activists, PublicAdCampaignBrandalism, NoADDay, and like minded friends, have come together to form a transnational partnership called the Subvertisers International. This umbrella organisation released a call for action between March 22nd and March 25th 2017 for a global anti-advertising movement in all its forms.

All towns and cities are now overwhelmed with commercial advertising, it’s ugly, it invades our personal space and it is there to influence our behaviours. Whether that be what we should be eating, what we should be wearing and even what our bikini bod should be looking like!! Corporate advertising infiltrates and influences our minds at every opportunity and during this week the consumer took their space back!

The Subvertisers’ International is a international movement of individuals and organisations concerned with how advertising affects society. We are local and national groups of activists, artists and collectives, NGOs and not-for-profits, teachers and parents, scientists and doctors, public and private citizens. We are all concerned with how commercial media is shaping our lives, and determined that the time to act is now.

The hashtag #SubvertTheCity proved the creative actions of this anti-advertising movement over social media and we got to see the global energy that saw people from all walks of life put a stop to advertising in their visual space.

Why 22nd – 25th March? On 25th March 2013, a group of French activists from ‘Les Deboulonneurs’ (The Debunkers) collective were acquitted of defacing advertising billboards in a symbolic act of civil disobedience. They argued that their fundamental “right of reception” had been violated by being forced to engage with toxic commercial advertising in public space. The judge agreed and deemed that their actions were protected under a “freedom of speech’ and ”reason of necessity” defence.

So the 25th March celebrates an important victory for the recognition of the right of citizens with regards to the reception of advertising messages, and Subvertisers International made it their mission to spread the message around the world.

Over sixty international street and visual artists, including John Fekner, Hyuro, Jordan Seiler, David De La Mano and Robert Montgomery took part in the world’s first coordinated advert takeover, which saw hundreds of artworks and protests in thirty cities, over twelve countries as part of #SubvertTheCity

Want to see the public take back their public space!! Check out the billboards below …

Power to the people!

The week also included workshops and talks and protests around the world. Click here for more info.


Photo taken from Subvertisers International.





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