Taking out the Trash in New York City, Art is Trash 2016

Art is Tra$h aka El Arte es Basura is a self-declared warrior that has adopted a natural, direct and open approach to communicate his messages across the world. By transforming trash on the streets into creations of art, he is able to freely express his mind without having any boundaries.

Art is Tra$h recently hit new york city with his unique style stemmed from pre-historic cave drawings,  which he uses to communicate his messages across to the public. His latest solo show “MATAÚRA”, New York City, has been so successful it has just been extended to 30th November!

Like trash, though, his art on the street is ephemeral, here are some of Art is Trash best pieces left on the streets of New York City over the years…

“The streets are the endless canvas that empowers me to shed light on the lies, the lack of compassion, and the distractions of society from such urgent and alarming priorities as the care for the environment, while fighting for freedom of expression”. Art is Trash interview

If you’re in NYC make sure you get down and see the warriors work at his solo show “MATAÚRA” at 98 Orchard St, New York City.

For artwork by Art is Tra$h check out our store here.



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