TAVU & LOUVES Shout from the Rooftops “WATCH YOUR STEP”, Brussels 2020

When everyone is talking about change and transition at the social, economic, political and ecological levels, the next step, the next decisions and the next years will be decisive. This is why the TAVU & LOUVES artist collectives have chosen to represent the challenges of this period through a new collaboration.

WATCH YOUR STEP was produced on the rooftop of more than 1000m2, within the buildings of the temporary See U occupation, in the heart of Brussels and visible only from the sky.

The mural encourages us to reflect on this ‘before and after’ and to gain height, some perspective during this critical period of COVID-19 lockdown. On lifestyles, the main thing, the emergence of new habits.

WATCH YOUR STEP mural includes lettering recalling slogans of demonstrations over the past year, showing that the urgency of these changes goes beyond the framework of the health crisis that we know: “More G-spot, less than 5G; No culture, no future; We will not return to normal because normal was the problem; Warmer than the climate; More ice, less bankers; Let’s go kayak; Amazon denies; Beyond borders; Build bridges, not walls“.

This creation, entirely free and self-produced, is visible from the sky and is part of a long collaboration between the two collectives, TAVU & LOUVES, who regularly partner to carry out artistic interventions within the city. Their approach is to promote values ​​having an impact on the way we are looking at the future differently.

Check out the video below …

Photo Credit TAVU & LOUVES @francoisreunis @thibaultrns @matyazoo



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