TBILISI Mural Art Festival, Georgia 2021

TBILISI Mural Fest has just wrapped up its third street art festival in the beautiful capital of Georgia as an essential hub for internationally acclaimed mural artists.

The festival began in 2019 and was founded by Besik Maziashvili with the support of Tbilisi and Berlin City Halls. Tbilisi mural festival has transformed 33 unappealing facades into works of art addressing social, environmental and other relevant issues.

You can find Large-scale murals in the open-air gallery by international artists such as Innerfields, Case Maclaim, Artez, INO, and Georgian artists like Dante, Giorgi Maskharashvili, V45, Irakli Kadeishvili and Zviad Esartia.

This year artists invited were Monkeybird (France), Faith47 (South Africa), JDL (Holland), Aphe and NOAH (Germany)​, MAZZA (Brazil), 1010 (Germany)​, KADE 90 (Georgia) and David Samkharadze (Georgia).

Monkeybird crew 14 x 10 meters mural was titled “Pensées divergences” and consisted of handmade stencils on textured walls.

Faith47’s beautiful mural is titled ‘SOLAR LOGOS’

“As humans our ancient relationship with the sun lends itself to deification. Sun-worship has been with us since pagan antiquity, among the Persians, Indians, Greeks, Mayans and other ancient cultures. We hold a deep rooted, innate understanding that the beams and brilliance, our central, inner spiritual Sun, are mirrored by our grand celestial Star, the Sun. This “mirror of fire,” is our source of existence, light and life. The perceived divinity of the Sun echoes our potential. For the sun gives forth from itself without being diminished, thus establishing itself as the most perfect symbol of self actualization.” Faith47

JDL mural is titled “Hold Me Tight” …

“This is a tribute mural to all the broken and beautiful people I have met in the past year. One by one, they showed me their vulnerability. I notice people are often ashamed of their vulnerability, while I see the beauty in it. This mural is a reminder to embrace yourself (and your fragility), even though, it does not seem natural in, for instance, a depression. These people are the most admirable people that I have met in my life, including their trauma. Thank you for being you, and showing yourself to me: Sanne & Casper: who grew into a stronger relation ship because of cancer (Padova, IT) Hansje: Who became a musical genius during her psychosis (Sweden) (Anonymous): Who did everything he could to help his suicidal wife and show how precious she is. (Canvas) Alexa: Who became the most caring person in the world because of her diagnosis with MS (Coming soon)(Anonymous): he transgender that found himself through a great struggle of acception (Rome) As I admire all these people so incredibly much, one by one, I hope we can collectively start to be proud of our trauma as 90% of the world is effected by it. Be proud.” JDL

A new mural by the German duo Aphe and noah creates a cosy and warm vibe in the heart of Tbilisi.

The new mural by Georgian artist David Samkharadzee showcases the famous Georgian chess world champion Nona Gaprindashvili.

Artist 1010 takes your brain to another dimension with his mural for TBILISI mural festival. For the past few years 1010 has been mostly focused on an abstract concept of making “holes on the walls”.

Irakli Qadeishvili, Kade90, paints a mural of a boy trying to catch bubbles for in Varketili, Tbilisi. The mural is dedicated to childhood and freedom.

“My city is full of drab and monotonous Soviet architecture, however my murals add a touch of color to this “concrete jungle”. I constantly try to use bright and vivid colors to diversify the gray facades of buildings, which accompanied me throughout my childhood with a dark stripe.” Irakli Qadeishvili

Mazza brings his trade mark flora to the festival…

Tbilisi Murals App will assist you in locating murals from Tbilisi Mural Fest and more, as well as showcase them and provide information about artist that painted them. Visit the website for more info here.

Photo Credits Keti Maziashvili and Ana Khukhashvili



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