Telmo Miel, “Out in the Open” Street Art Project, Aalborg, 2019

The “Out in the Open’ mural project celebrates its fifth year dedicating murals to the city of Aalborg, Denmark, curated by Kirk gallery. Many street artists have painted large murals over the past four years, such as Wes21 & Onur, Guido Van Helten, Conor Harrington, Faith 47, Sepe & ToneBezt , Herakut and David Walker .

Telmo Miel has opened the year with a stunning mural of a woman titled “Exquiste waste of time”. With their new mural and solo show Telmo Miel ask the question whether our constant impatience and desire for everything to go really fast, at the end leads to something better.

“Every loss of minutes feels as a waste. Feelings aren’t always correct. Sometimes I find myself worrying about the driver in front of me doing 100 while he’s allowed to do 130. Or people standing in front of the entrance of a store not knowing to go left or right. Annoying as that can be, I always remind myself to take a breath because haste is often egocentric. We love efficiency, because time is short. But short does not mean it’s worse than less short.. More time does not mean better time. So let’s keep this short and sweet, so it doesn’t feel as a waste. Let’s just try to make any waste of time feel like an exquisite one.” Telmo Miel

Other invited artists this year include; Vhils (PT), Seth (F), Oliver Vernon (US) , Fintan Magee (AU), Joram Roukes (NL) and Nils Westergard (US).



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